a great image processing software.
awesome. old fellows don't understand how it works. not user friendly. however, if you have a good teacher and install the necessary plugins, you are unbeatable. you will love it for the job it does for you
Pros: ability to process stacks and timecourse data
the wide variety of plugins
Cons: sometimes i selected an ROI in one slice and then save the file as TIFF, when i open the file later, the selection stay as a part of the image. i jsut can't get rid of that. makes it unusable for later use in creating presentations
i wish there was a tool that would allow me to create a macro without having the knowledge of java. it wouldn't be that hard to make. as example, i need to create a macro that will do some functions sequentially. like i have opened a timecourse. there is drift along x and y axes. the background fluorescence increases with time. so i need to move each slice a certain distance along the axes, calculate the background intensity, deduct each slice's background from the field average and plot a z-axis profile of the timecourse for the selected region. one click, to start the whole sequence. the tool may allow me to add 10 or 20 functions of my choice from the menu and customize the values for each. i will add the functions to this empty fields one by one